On Line Entry
This is a general guideline to registering on line.    The link listed in each division will take you to a
secure site to enter ALL items, including livestock, arts & crafts, mini booths, fine art and ag produce.
An account can be set up by family. All members of the family can enter ALL their entries from there.  
Individuals can do the same--all entries can be done in one place.

1.  Click the link
2.  At the top of page click "Find Your Fair"
3.  Next page-There is a sign in box "Exhibitor and Staff sign in".  Under the blue sign in bar click
"Create a Fair Entry account"
4.  Give your account a name i.e. Pease Family.  Please, please enter a valid email address. Then
click "Create Account".
5.  Account Creation--important please again use a valid phone number.
6.  Welcome! Begin Registration.
a.  Fill out contact information
b.  Question - Hw many stalls do you need?  For non-livestock exhibitors the answer is 0.
c.  Review & edit if necessary is next step
d.  Add Entry
e.  Select Department (ex. Goat)
f.  Select Division
g.  Select Class
h.  Select Club, Chapter or County
i.  Briefly describe entry (Boer cross)
j.  Add Animal (or other entry)
k.  Add new (animal) records pull down menu
l.  All red asterisks are required information.
m.  Create and Add
n.  Animal (Entry) added
o.  Remove or Edit
p.  Review Entry, continue
q.  Add Another Entry (add another entry in this division or register another exhibitor
r.  Last Step-- check Agree to Above Statement & hit SUBMIT.

Remember if you don't hit the submit button, you are not entered!!

How does this work for Arts & Crafts?
Select Arts & Crafts under Department,  then select the division (Bedding), Then the class.  Follow
Que's on screen to complete entry. You may enter as many division and classes as you need.

How does this help speed up Check-In?
Your entry cards will be already printed and filed under your name.  They will be scanned in to activate
& you are done!

What if I bring more than I registered?
No problem, We can enter items when you get here.  It will take a little longer.

If I don't bring all I registered?
Still, no problem--If it's not scanned in to activate, it won't show on your entries list.

If you have any problems or questions please contact Debra Pease  @ 912-682-7824
coming soon