On Line Entry
Please go to the link below for instructions Before entering:

Entry Process

1.  This will give you set by step instructions on entering your
exhibit for the fair.

2.  If you entered online last year you use your same user name
and password.  PLEASE update your information before making

3.  For our exhibitors entering in more than one division no need
to start a separate account for each division entered.  Enter all at
one place, except mini booths.

4.  In other words, you can enter Home Arts & Crafts, Produce,
Baked Goods and Poultry at the same time.
Livestock is the only  Department that has an Entry Fee.

5.  Livestock can pay by credit card (Effective Aug 5th) or check.

6.  4-H Mini Booths please contact your county 4-H advisor or
Angie Daughtry--angie@uga.edu

Any problems, please contact Deb Pease dpease55@gmail.com
or 912.682.7824