Saturday, Oct 14th
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Sunday, Oct 15th from
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
No exhibits can be accepted
after this time.

Sunday Oct 22nd from
2 pm to 5 pm
No article may be removed
before this time.
No Exceptions  
If you can not pick up your
entries Sunday, please make
arrangements for someone to
act in your stead.
PP     Pre-Kindergarten
P        Kindergarten
A        1st – 5th Grade
B        6th - 8th Grade
C        9th - 12th Grade
D        Adult
Open to Residents of
Bulloch, Bryan, Candler, Evans,
Jenkins, Screven & Tattnall
1.        It is suggested that articles should have been created
since the last Fair

2.        They should never have been exhibited in the Fair in
previous years.  

3.        Entries should be of high quality according to Class
and lot which they are entered.

4.        The Fair reserves the right to decline any exhibit.

5.        All exhibits must be tagged by the Arts & Crafts
volunteers with the name of the exhibitor, county of
residence, department, class and lot.

6.        The Department indicates age of exhibitor

7.        The Class indicates the general area of the exhibit.

8.        The Lot indicates  specific item.

9.        Questions about classification  will be answered by
volunteers during check-in.

10.        It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to assist the
volunteers in determining that exhibits are tagged correctly.

11.        Public viewing of the Arts & Crafts Exhibit will start
Monday after the Fair opening.  Visitors or exhibitors will not
be allowed in the building before this time.

12.        Exhibits will be judged Monday morning.  The
decision of the judges will be final.

Prize money will not be available until Tuesday
after 5 pm.

14.        Any prize money not picked up by Sunday, Oct
22nd will be forfeited.

  • Teachers or instructors picking up student's work on
    Sunday please make a list as to the one below

Example List
Name                        Class        Dept                Placement
John Doe                   XIX  3            A                             1
Jane Doe                    IV   2             C                             2

  • Please do not bring entries to
    the Prize Window.
Home Arts & Crafts
Please Read Carefully
See FairEntry Instructions page for more Information