Contact Chuck Sheets at 587-9232 for more information
1.        Applications must be filed with the Parade Chairman to enter the parade.  Applications must be submitted
 using  ***This Information MUST be furnished***. An entry form must
 be provided in order to participate in the parade.

2.        Applications for all entries must be received by Noon, Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

3.        All floats participating in the Fair Theme competition will be judged for prizes.  Float attendants are permitted
 but are not necessary.  Indicate "Theme Float" on application to be in competition.

4.        Prizes will be awarded as follows:
 1st Place - $400     2nd Place - $250     3rd Place - $125     4th Place - $75     5th Place - $50

5.        Judges will be appointed by the Parade Committee and certified by the Fair Committee.

6.        A float is described as a "low, flat decorated vehicle and/or trailer entered in a parade for transporting an
exhibit which conveys a message or a group".  Floats may be towed by tractors or pick-up trucks.  
Tractor-Trailer rigs (combos) will
not be allowed in the parade.

7.        Entries other than a float, such as a truck or automobile, are permitted if applications are filed with the Fair
 Parade Chairman, but will not be judged for prizes.  Company logos may appear on these vehicles only as
 sponsors of an entry.  
Entries exclusively for advertising purposes are strongly discouraged.

8.        For health and safety purposes the following must be observed:
A.        No more than eight (8) persons on an entry other than a float, including the driver.

 Absolutely no throwing of candy an/or other material from any vehicle in the parade.  It is permissible to
         hand candy and material directly to those at the curb line.
 Please do nothing that will encourage or
         entice children to enter the street beyond the curb line.

C.        If your group is performing in the parade and you need to stop several times during the parade to perform,
         be sure that your performance does not cause a backup of the units following you or leave a large space
         in the parade procession.  Stops of 30 seconds or longer are excessive delay of the parade progress and
         be aware, this is a family oriented event and all participants are expected to be costumed and
         present themselves to all ages of our viewing families.
Performances that convey "suggestive" moves
         and/or have inappropriate costumes will not be permitted to participate in the Parade.
        Any group exhibiting behavior which is not family oriented will not be allowed to participate
        in Kiwanis Events.

D.        Horses will be allowed in the parade.  For further information, please contact Holli Deal Saxon at
         489-9414 or 531-3865.

F.        Walking animals are permitted, if on a leash, and they will be placed near the end of the parade with the

9.        Floats must be in parade position no later than 4 pm, Monday, October 16, 2017.  Other entries must be in
   place by 4:30 pm.

10.      Winners in float competition will be notified after the parade by email.

11.      Any group participating that has small children must have a vehicle directly behind their group to allow the
children to ride when they get tired.  You may allow part of the children to ride while others are walking.  If
your group of small children will not be able to walk the full length parade route to College Plaza you may
contact Charles Sheets for optional departure locations and make proper arrangements for pick up by the
responsible adults.

12.      All participants must have their line-up number posted to their group both front and back in 6” numbers, on
the vehicle right-hand side.  Line-up number will be furnished when you are given your position in the parade.  
This will be late in the week before the event, after the application deadline has passed.

13.      Participants with small children must have a pickup vehicle at the end of the parade as well as within the

Please remember that the main parade ends at College Plaza (the corner of Zetterower Avenue & Fair Road) and there
will not be any sort of transportation provided to return to the starting point of the parade.  It is important that each
participant knows and abides by the rules.  If you have any questions or need additional entry blanks please call Charles
Sheets at 912-587-9232
Submit application using form at top of this page.
Parade Rules:
Please read ALL Rules
Entry Deadline Noon,
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
No Entry Fee
Please fill out information below and SUBMIT.  By submitting
the form, you agree to abide by all rules and additional
instructions which you will receive.  Don't forget to Fax the
Parade Insurance Waiver to 912-764-2149 Attention "Trish"
Or mail to:
Kiwanis Parade Committee
c/o Charles Sheets
3018 Hawks Ridge Dr
Statesboro, GA 30461
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56 Years of Farming
& Family Fun
2017 Parade Theme
photo by Keith Hickman