I.  Fresh Produce

1a     3 Ears of White Corn
1b     3 Ears of Yellow Corn
1c     3 ears of Other Corn
2       3 stalks of corn
3       3 stalk of cotton
4       3 stalks of soybeans
5.      1 peck of soybeans
6.      1 peck of oats
7.      1 peck of sweet potatoes
8.      1 hill of peanuts
9.      5 pounds of pecans
10.    1 hand of tobacco
11.    1 bale of Coastal Bermuda Hay
12.    1 peck of field peas
13a   1 large Pumpkin
13b   3 small Decorative Pumpkins
14a   3 small Decorative Gourds
14b    Any Other Gourd  
15.    3 stalks of sugar cane
16.    3 heads of cabbage
17.    10 buckeyes
18a   3 Yellow Squash
18b   3 Zucchini Squash
18c   3 Winter Squash   
19.    Carrots any type
20a   Large Tomatoes
20b   Grape/Roma Tomatoes
20c   Heritage Tomatoes
20d   Any other Tomatoes
21.    Most unusual display
22.   3 pears
23.   3 turnips
24.   1 bunch collards
25a  1 pt Muscadine Grapes
25b  1 pint Scuppenong Grapes
25c  1 pint Any Other Grapes
26a  3 Oranges
26b  3 Grapefruit  
26c  3 Lemons
26d  3 Limes
Please note:  
  • Clear clam shells will be provided for baked goods except sheet cakes.  
    These will be available at check-in

  • Do not decorate the clear covering

  • Recipe should be printed or typed neatly on index card and attached to the
    baked good (for judges to see)

  • Produce should be fresh as possible.  If any produce starts to "go bad" late
    in the week will be discarded.  Ribbons and dividends will still be in affect.

  • If you do not see a category for your produce, bring it and we'll make a

  • Jars can have toppers but do not paint or use foam decorations on jars.  

  • Fresh produce should be of high quality and clean as possible.

  • Any produce not picked up by 5 pm Oct 22nd will be discarded.

  • Kiwanis Club of Statesboro nor the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair will  be
    responsible for containers used to display goods.

  • Pick up is Sunday, October 22nd from 2 pm to 5 pm.  Any prize money
    not picked up by 5 pm Sunday, Oct 22nd will be forfeit.
IV.  Baking
36     Any Layer Cake
37     Any Pound Cake
38     Any Pie  (no cream pies)
39     Any Candy (3 pieces) including Fudge and Divinity
40     Any Cookies (3 each)
41     Any Biscuits (3 each)
42     Any Muffins (3 each)
43     Any Cupcakes (3 each)
44     Brownies (3 each)
45     Any type of Yeast bread or rolls ( 1 loaf or 3 rolls)  
46     Miscellaneous
Check In Saturday Oct 14, from 9 am - 2 pm
Check In Sunday, Oct 15 from 2 pm to 5 pm

Check Out Sunday, Oct 22nd, 2 pm to 5 pm.
II.  Canned Goods

27   1 pint or quart Canned Vegetable
28   1 pint or quart Canned Fruit
29   1 pint Any Preserves
30   1 pint Any Marmalade or Jam
31   1 pint Pickles
32   1 pint Relish
33   1 Pint Honey

III.  Dried Produce

34   Dried Vegetables or Fruit
35   Dried Meat or Jerky
Any questions please contact  Deb Pease at 912.682.7824 or dpease55@gmail.com
enter the area where the entries have been placed.

3. The Secretary, Steward or Judges are the only persons who may
enter the honey judging area.

4. Judges will enter the honey show area after the close of entry
acceptance. This is to ensure as close to a blind judging as


All entries must be produced by the contestant within the last calendar
Each member may make only one entry per class.  Duplication (same
product) of entries by families is prohibited.  

The classes are:


1.        All forms of extracted honey are to be presented in one pound  
queenline glass jars.  

2.        Extracted honey is judged in three classes: light, medium, and

3.        Entrants may submit one entry in each of these three classes.

4.        One entry of extracted honey is defined as three (3) one pound

5.        Jars must be either:

A.        .one pound glass or plastic Queenline jars without tamper
proof seals
B.        .Closures may be of metal or plastic   

Judges evaluate entries on the following:

·         No labels on the jars.
·         Do not use tamper proof seals
·        Cleanliness of the jar and lid
·        Correct fill level
·        Uniformity of the three jars that comprise the entry
·        Cleanliness and clarity of the honey
·        Moisture content (only if needed)
·        Aroma and flavor (for off aromas and or flavors)


1.      One entry of chunk honey is defined as three (3) 1 lb sized jars.

2.      Chunk honey must be displayed in straight sided, glass, wide
mouth, jars.          

3.     The glass should not be embossed.  Such jars are available from
many commercial beekeeping suppliers.  

4. Only one chunk of honey should be in each jar for competition.

5.        Judging: The criteria cited above for judging extracted honey
apply to judging chunk honey as well.  

6.        The chunk of comb must be in one piece.

7.        The cuts should be clean and uniform.

8.        The chunk comb should be cut and sized to appropriately fit the
container. Honey should fill the rest of the jar to the appropriate
fill line.

9.        The comb “chevrons” should be pointed upward.

10.        The comb should extend the length of the jar

11.        Comb is judged for equal amounts on either side of the center


1.      It is suggested that the jar be “black”; however entries in clear
jars will be accepted. Entries must be unmarked and  unlabeled,
or identifiable in anyway
2.      An entry is one jar judged for flavor only.

Wax is judged on cleanliness, uniformity of appearance, color, aroma,
and absence of defects such as cracks, uneven surface and shrinkage.
An entry of beeswax may be made in each of the following classes:


1.      The block must weigh between one to two pounds, but no more  

2.      The block should be smooth-surfaced and free of decorations or

It is the intention that ribbons will be given in all classes even if there is
only one entry in the class. However, in order to receive an award that
entry must be worthy of placement. Entry into a class does not
guarantee an award.     Prize money will be the same as listed in
Produce Section.    

Contestants found willfully cheating or purposefully altering or
disfiguring an entry for the purpose of questioning the validity of
judging will be permanently disqualified from the Honey Show.