All Ticket Information & Other FAQs
What is Community Night?
Admission is $5 for everyone 6 years old and up.  A large portion of the gate will be donated to the Bulloch
County Food Bank.

What are Senior Citizens Day & Military Appreciation Day?
Senior Citizens 55 years of age and older get in free.  It's a good night to come eat pancakes watch the
entertainment or visit with friends.

Military Appreciation Night is free to all Military, retired and active duty and their dependents (with military ID)
Thursday is also a wristband night.  Wrist bands are $20.

How much does it cost to get in the gate?
Everyone 6 years old and up Gate Admission is $5

What is Student Night?
On Wednesday Night all students get in free.  College Students need to show their current ID.  All rides will be
reduced by one ticket.  If a ride requires 4 tickets, it will be reduced to 3 tickets.  This is just for Student
Night.   No wrist stamps will be sold on Wednesday.

Is there any cost for parking?

How big does my child have to be to ride on the Amusement Rides?
Height Requirements for Amusements of America Rides

Advance Ride Tickets:  
In the weeks preceding fair time advance ride tickets are on sale at a reduced rate.  One sheet of 20 advance
ride tickets sells for $10.  During the fair the same amount of ride tickets will cost $25.

Where can I purchase  Tickets?
To Be Announced

Sold during regular business hours.  Saturday Oct 14th tickets will be sold at the Main Entrance
from 10 am to 4 pm and Sunday, Oct 15th from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Can Advance Ride Tickets be bought after the Fair opens?
No--they are ADVANCE Ride tickets, meaning before the fair opens.  Sunday Oct. 15th will be the last day to
purchase Advance Ride tickets.

If I don't buy Advanced Ride Tickets can I still buy tickets at the fair?
Yes.  Amusements of America will have ticket booths set up.  Ticket prices are:  
1 ticket = $1.25;   20 tickets = $25

How many tickets does it take to ride?
Anywhere from 3 to 6 tickets depending on the ride.

If I have tickets left over from last year, are they still good this year?
Yes  Advance Ride Tickets & Tickets purchased at the Fair from Amusements of America are still good.

Will there be wrist stamps?
Yes, On Tuesday and Thursday at $20 each.  Saturday will be $22. They are good  from opening to closing.   
Friday night wrist stamps are good only from 8 pm to 1 am for $15 each.

What is the Kiddie Land Special?
On Saturday all rides located inside Kiddie Land will be $1 per ride from 1 pm to 3 pm.  This is geared toward
families with small children.  

Can I use my tickets on wristband nights?
Yes.  Tickets will be honored on wristband  nights.

Can credit cards be used at the Fair?
Credit and Debit  cards can be used to purchase gate tickets.  Amusements of  America will take Credit & Debit
Cards at their ticket booths to purchase ride tickets.

Will there be an ATM machine on the Fairgrounds?

How do I enter items in the Fair?
If you are a resident of Bryan, Bulloch, Candler, Evans, Jenkins, Screven or Tattnall Counties please check the
rules for the different sections of the Fair.  Also look at the Contacts page to see who is in charge of that area
if you need more information.

Do you hire local people to help put up rides?
No the Kiwanis Club of Statesboro does not hire help for the Midway.  Amusements of America does hire a few
to help put up and tear down rides.  You have to talk to them on the Saturday &  Sunday before the Fair.

If you have any questions please email