Corn Husk Dolls-

Corn Husk Dolls were the by-product of the corn harvest.  We thought it wo




Our Heritage Village takes you back in time when things were simple.  Visit the ‘Old Store” where members Carlton and Mike Bowen offer old fashion penny candy and 10 cent Cokes (now $1).  With wooden floors and shelves stocked with canned goods that were once staples in every household.  Ol’ Timers reminisce about their youth with grandkids.

Next to the Store is the Bee House complete with a Bee Outhouse!  Mr Bobby Colson and the Bee Keepers Association have worked hard in the log cabin to educate out patrons on the benefit and joys of bee keeping.  The Kiwanis Club built what we lovingly call the Bee Outhouse.  It allows you to watch bees work without them being disturbed and you being stung.  The Kiwanis Club of Statesboro has added Bees to the Livestock Project.  Yes bees are considered livestock.  For more information visit our Livestock Pages.

If you wander over to the Red Barn, or Chicken Hotel as it’s referred to, You will find Flocks of chickens awarded to local young people to raise and show.   They are part of the Kiwanis Livestock & Poultry Project.  Mr. Jim has applications fly off the shelf during the fair for chicks to show next year.  The show grows every year.

Smell burning?  See Smoke?  It has to be coming from the Blacksmith Shoppe.  We have all the tools a working blacksmith needs.  A working forge, tongs, anvil and more.  You can watch our young blacksmith shape different metals into usable implements.

Ever find a thing-a-ma-gig in Grandpa’s barn?  Visit the tool shed and farm implements to find out what it is.

The Aldrich House was moved to the Fairgrounds several years ago.   Its another place to gather and share experiences of the past.  Mrs Connie Saunders and her crew have researched the family and house.  The shotgun style house contains items from the late 19th and early 20th century.  A working Victrola, Cotton (or Southern) spinning wheel, and furniture graces the living room.  See if you can spot the weasel.  Hint  Has to do with weaving and spinning thread.  The kitchen has many “modern” appliances.

You can find Stacy grinding corn for corn meal.  There is a crew by the Pancake House grinding sugar cane for cane juice and syrup.  Both becoming lost arts.

We are striving to preserve this way of life for the young people to see.  If you have a suggestion or know of some “cool old stuff” please let use know.  Just grab a Yellow Shirt during the fair and they can point you in the right direction.