Can I get in free with a canned good on Monday Night?

Sorry, but No.  The admission price on Monday is $5 for everyone 6 year old and up.  A large percent of the gate will go to local Food Banks.

What’s going on Tuesday?

If you are 55 or older you get in free on Tuesday.    It’s also Wrist Stamp Night.  They are $20 each and are good from opening until closing time.

Hey, hey, hey. . .What day is it?  It’s Hump Day!!  Wednesday

Wednesday is for Students.  They all get in free.  High School and College age need to have a current active ID.  Sorry no wrist stamps on Wednesday, but all rides are reduced by one (1) ticket.  Example= carousel takes 4 tickets, on Student night it only takes 3.  If you bought Advance Ride Tickets this is the night to use them

Thursday is the day for Uniforms–Military and Public Service Day

All active and retired military and dependents with ID get in free.  All EMS, Police, Deputies, etc get in free with ID.  It’s also a wrist stamp day.  Again stamps are $20 each.


Let us explain.  The Friday Madness is designed for those who like to stay out late.  Although the gates open at 4 pm, Amusements of America does not start selling wrist stamps until 8 pm.  You can ride using tickets if you come early.  We stay open until 1 am.

Saturday–Last Day–

This year we are going to open at 12:30 instead of 1 pm.   Yes Saturday is Wrist Stamps from opening until close at midnight.  Now please read carefully–Lot of rules for Saturday.  What is Kiddie Land Special?  It is from opening until 3 pm.  Designed for young families all rides in Kiddie Land are one (1) ticket.  Some kids ride one or two rides and they are through.  You’ve only spent a few bucks for them to ride.  After 3 pm rides are back to full price.

You can not get in the Fair after 10 pm.  If you go out the EXIT gate after 10 pm on Saturday night, you will not be allowed to come back in.


Please be considerate of other people if you smoke.  We will have marked Smoking Areas available.

We do consider the Fair as a Family Oriented Facility.  Please watch your language and manners.  Your actions can affect other lives.

Prize money can be picked up at the Fair Office during opening hours each day.  It will also be available for 2 pm to 5 pm on Sunday during Check Out.  Go to the Prize Window and tell the young lady your name.  Don’t bring your ribbons or items to the window.  All prize money not picked up by 5 pm will be forfeited.

Items checked in for competition and display are to remain in their relative areas until check out on Sunday.  If you can not pick your items up, please make arrangements with someone to help you.