August 6th, 2018:  Hello everyone. . .I’m deb.  Yea that’s the way I sign my name.  It is actually Debra, but that sounds a little formal.  This page is a little information, a little tongue in cheek, a little everything else.  No politics, no religion just Fair stuff.  That other makes people crazy sometimes.

Now to get started–Our fair has been around for 57 years, 40 of which has been with Amusements of America.  Amusements (AoA) is a family business and is in the Guinesses World Book of Records as the Largest Traveling Amusement Park.  Their home office is in Monroe Township of New Jersey.  Now before you go and correct me let me state that we see approximately 1/5 of AoA.   The five brothers that made up AoA each had a carnival.  At some Fairs they combined more than one carnival.  Some of the brothers have passed away and their carnival has been handed down to the sons.  Our Carnival is still run by Dominic Vivona, Sr. who I might add is a really good person.

August 7th, 2018:  There are 68 days until the Parade and Ribbon Cutting.  The Kiwanis Club has been working all year on the upkeep of the grounds.  The buildings are getting a face lift with new paint.  Some of the buildings have new roofs.  More lighting in the parking lot. We are always trying to improve our Fairgrounds.  It’s time for you to start thinking about what you are going to enter in the fair.  I encourage you to visit the pages (Fine Art, Produce, Livestock, etc) and read the rules and instructions carefully.  When you enter, say, Home Arts & Crafts you enter online.  When you click FairEntry, your computer will direct you to the FairEntry  page.  Please read instructions and watch the short video.  Once you do that, click the big red FairEntry at the bottom of the page.  If you have any problems, give me a call.

Aug 10:  Big News–Logo Contest!! Not robots or gaming like the camps at GSU this summer, but good ol” lets dum out the box and build something. . .what do you all think?