I  asked if you were ready for shows and exhibits this year.  Were you paying attention?

Jody with her Crew from Sam’s Path Petting Zoo will be back with some old friends and maybe some new.  Check out their Facebook page to see some new additions to the Zoo.

Once again the horns will blow and the pigs go!  Rosaire’s Royal Racers will return for nightly jogs around the track.

New for 2018 will be Cow Town.  This traveling milking demonstration proves that the Milk Fairy does not deliver to our local grocery store each night.  Milk comes straight from the cow.  Please come see for yourself–maybe even get to help with the milking. 


Another new show this year is Jason from the Southeast Reptile Rescue.  If creepy crawlies is your thing this is right up your ally Drop in  and see Jason’s batch of gators, snakes and other things your mother won’t let you take home.